About the Founders

Mike Freeman

I grew up in Chicago eating passionate italian dinners, exploring local wild places, and car camping with family around the states. After high school I was feeling lost, so I moved to the Ozark Mountains to find peace on my aunt's ranch. Later, I decided business school was not for me and changed my major to environmental health. This opened up a passion in me for earth care, music, art, and health. Chasing adventure I landed in Southwest Colorado and took jobs working for the conservation corps and food coops, doing earth restoration, algae farming, and design. I discovered permaculture in New Zealand and began studying it intensively for the next year. This inspired me to build a homestead on 40 acres near Durango. After 10 beautifully challenging years, I became urgently committed to being the love I wish to see in the world. I started practicing yoga and physical training. I invested in mentors, self-growth classes, and dancing, all in the name of the good life. Most recently I fell in love with leadership training and decided to start my own business supporting other men in their journey. 
Thank you for your interest and please call for a free consultation in permaculture or visioning!
With Passion, 

Chris Ricci

I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. My earliest memories are of summers spent at Lake of the Ozarks, where I fell in love with fishing and the outdoors. In kindergarten, my teacher let me skip naps and do math problems instead. This seemingly insignificant allowance catapulted my academic career, culminating in early graduation from Colorado College with a degree in mathematics. After 15 years of status quo education, I knew that the world needed something different, both from me and from educational systems. A permaculture design course gave me new purpose and fresh enthusiasm for creating that utopia. I worked on various rural properties around the country and around the world before finally settling with my wife outside Durango, CO. We now have three children, and we continue to strive for a sustainable home and community. I am a self taught mycologist, guiding wild mushroom forays and identifying mushrooms everywhere I go. My dog, Daisy, is trained to find truffles. When mushrooms are out of season, I can usually be found on a boat on a lake doing what I love the most, fishing. I invite you to join me in such endeavors for help with permaculture planning, to increase your fishing and foraging proficiency, or just to enjoy life in the outdoors.
Come find me!